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Setting the Stage

Don’t be fooled by Hollywood stories; successful businesses have a plan for growth.

To make matters more complicated, growth can mean volume, innovation, or partnership.

  • Do you need new customers or
    more profitable ones?
  • Do you need to grow sales or to increase pricing?
  • Are you innovating for your industry’s future and differentiating your offering from competitors?

And, importantly, will your plan for growth actually prepare you for it?

After decades in the start-up world, I have a keen eye for opportunity. My other super-power is coming up with “the big idea” and seeing how all the pieces fit together to achieve it. As a growth consultant, I have the independence and objectivity to see all the possibilities.

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.


What does Content have to do with Growth?

Growth is intrinsically tied to the story you’re telling, not just to customers, but also to yourself. Marketing Communications isn’t a cost of doing business, it is the accelerant to doing business. Too often, marketing budgets are funded last and cut first by those who don’t understand its power. But Marketing should never be the first thing you cut on your path to growth. It’s ok not to have a full-time employee overseeing communication, especially in early stages of your business, but it is not a post that can go unfilled. For companies in growth-mode, the story you tell should be aligned with and advanced by every department and every growth goal.

That’s why an outside advisor can be so effective: executive presence without executive price tag, no politics of ego, and macro-perspective to find the connective tissue.

I find and develop plans, products, pivots, partnerships, and even people to accelerate growth. I’ll help you build a plan for growth and tell an authentic story about your path to sustainable, profitable growth. To help you play the long-game, I’ll help you name out loud what you want to be when you grow up (your vision). Together, we’ll map how parts of the business connect to that vision, and identify the gaps, roadblocks, and speed bumps in your way. Then, we’ll imagine and outfit you for the terrain ahead. Finally, importantly, we’ll make sure you know what success looks like when you arrive.

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